Why choose Desk and Derrick?

The Alberta Foothills Desk and Derrick Club (ABFDDC) is a non-profit organization and is a member club of the Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs (ADDC), a premier provider of energy education, and an international organization of almost 2,000 individuals employed in or affiliated with the petroleum, energy and allied industries.  Opportunities to advance your education, network, and foster life-long friendships are limitless.


  • Professional development through informative programs, on-site field trips, seminars, and workshops
  • Personal and business horizons are expanded by networking with industry leaders and colleagues throughout Canada and the United States
  • Opportunities to enhance your communication and leadership skills
  • Education in the technology of our ever-changing industry

Interested in Joining?

Check out the prospective member brochure for more information and contact us to attend a meeting and learn more about Desk and Derrick!