A.I.M.E.E.  (Award In Maintaining Energy Excellence)

The ADDC Contest Committee conducts the annual contest sponsored by the Association on both the Region and Association levels.  Each club in the association may submit the published, written work of their members for the two (2) contest categories (Program & Bulletin) as well as Winning Image Photo relating to the industry,  It is the responsibility of the committee to arrange for the judging of the submissions.  Initially the submitals are gathered by Region and sent to another region in Canada or the United States to be judged.  The Committee Representatives from each region select three qualified Judges from their area to review and score the entries based on established criteria such as educational value, interest to readers, thorough coverage of the subject and writing skill .  The Regional Awards of Merit are the result of this first judging and awards are presented to the members at the annual Regional Meeting in the spring.  All first place winners from each category and each region are then submitted together to another set of three judges to compete for the AIMEE Award that is presented at the annual Association Convention & Educational Conference in September.