Desk and Derrick Educational Trust

The Desk and Derrick Educational Trust was established by the Association in 1987 for the purpose of awarding scholarship grants to students pursuing a degree in a major field of study related to the petroleum, energy or allied industries with the objective of obtaining full time employment in the industry. All grants are made through accredited colleges and universities offering degrees that fall within the scope of the Educational Trust’s purpose, such as geology, chemical engineering, and petruoleum engineering.

For further information, visit the Desk and Derrick Educational Trust website.

ADDC Foundation

The ADDC Foundation was established in 1987 to assist the Association, its members, and others in the petroleum, energy, and allied industries in developing educational projects and programs related to those industries. The ADDC Foundation provides full or partial support for workshops, symposia, and seminars, educational publications and media, research, certification programs, and educational outreach projects.

Desk and Derrick members, employees in the petroleum, energy, and allied industries, and the general public use the materials and programs to further their knowledge.

For further information, visit the ADDC Foundation website.

“The Bit of Fun” Energy Activity Book

ADDC authors “The Bit of Fun” Energy Activity Book, an activity and colouring book, designed to promote education about the oil and gas industry.  PetroMolly and PetroMack were created to explain how hydrocarbons and their byproducts are used to make modern products we use every day.  They also perform chemical experiments that further reveal how important petroleum is to our lives.

The book is available in the U.S. Imperial version, the Canadian Metric version and the Spanish version.  It is a great educational tool to teach the younger generation how oil and gas affects their lives.  A teacher’s lesson plan has recently been developed and is now available along with the activity books.

Copies of the Activity Book and Lesson Plan are available through the ADDC website.

Other Educational Materials

ADDC sponsors educational textbooks from the University of Texas at Austin Petroleum Extension Service (PETEX) including Fundamentals of Petroleum, Land and Leasing and Practical Petroleum Geology.

ADDC authors the D&D Standard Oil & Gas Abbreviator, published by Penn-Well Publishing in Tulsa, OK.  The Abbreviator is now in it’s 6th edition and over the years has standardized key terms and abbreviations used in the oil, gas, and energy industries.

Visit the Association website for further information on how to order these products.